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Each new treatment relationship begins with a complete social history during the initial consultation followed by a clinical assessment. The information attained will assist in determining the initial treatment modality. Most consultations are completed in 60-90 minutes, though relevant information will be collected on an ongoing basis throughout the course of treatment. Follow-up sessions are 45-50 minutes in length.

Therapy can be short-term with just a couple sessions, or it can involve many sessions over several months or years. Regardless of the length of treatment, client and therapist will periodically discuss the goals and process of therapy. Therapy can take place in individual, couples, family, or group sessions.


Individual therapy is a service offered for people to talk openly about their thoughts and feelings while being assisted by a licensed professional. Clients often seek therapy due to recent stressors in their lives or due to some conflict they have been unable to resolve alone. Therapy provides guidance and safety for individuals to explore their relationships and interactions. Most clients find individual sessions growth enhancing.

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